Ali Abdelaziz won’t let fighters talk to James Lynch

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No idea who james lynch is, but I am already on his side


He’s definitely not as popular as the other journalists / media in MMA. But he does good work and seems respectful

Besides Submission Radio, he used to get the best Colby Covington interviews.

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He did a good interview with Bryce lately

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James is a great interviewer. Asks questions, let’s fighters say their pieces and doesn’t add his own spin or opinion to things.

Helwani used to do that, but now he always has an axe to grind with the UFC. It affects his ability to be an unbiased journalist.


Lynch is legit. He stays out of the interviews and gets fighters to open up very well.

His vids where fighters give predictions on upcoming events are some of the best. Very good stuff.


Ali Abdelaziz is a scumbag as a human, and a known terrorist rat.

It sucks, but I have less respect for any fighter who has him as their representation.


Helwani is also on the banned list

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He seems cool , why do the goofballs always get the good jobs??

Not surprised with him. lol

I can’t argue

The Mike Russell interview

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Ariel Helwani has officially become overrated and James Lynch underrated.

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