Ali rushed to hospital!!

As per Opie fron the Opie and Anthony Show, Ali was just rushed to the hospital, unconscious!

"Muhammad Ali rushed to the hospital unconscious!!!"

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Wow, sure hope he's ok. Would suck seeing him pass right on the heels of Frazier. Phone Post

It was weeks ago that he passed out and went to the hospital. He's been fine since

is this old news because there were report of him going to emergency around Thanksgiving. or is this a second episode of him passing out?

wheresbobbysouthworth beat me to it

at least he outlasted joe fraziah!

I think Opie trolled me. He's usually pretty good about breaking news. Phone Post

I could find nothing on this. Troll?

Best radio show out there. Phone Post

Holy shit, Opie delivers again.

Good luck to Ali... Phone Post