ALI VS Al Blue Lewis

lewis is not a bad fighter…anyone know much about him

Heard a lot about this fight as a child as my old man was ringside, or so he says.

Al ‘Black and Blue’ Lewis was the joke at the time.

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he gave ali some rough moments in there
very very tough guy

“The big fight in aid of the mentally handicapped children…”

Season 9 Lol GIF by The Office

i seeeeeeeeee

My old boss, Don Elbaum was the promoter for “Blue” Lewis & took him to Ireland for this fight.
Lewis could fight & had some power but he fell short every time he stepped up in competition. Losing not only to Ali but Bob Stallings & Oscar Bonavena as well. Though he gave a good account of himself when he lost two back-to-back fights to the dangerous, underrated contender Leotis Martin.


i can see that happening…its seems like he was a good decent heavyweight
who got stuck in in an era where there many awesome heavyweights

do you know what he did after boxing?

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No clue. All I recall is that Lewis was still considered a viable heavyweight at the time of his retirement due to his being blinded in one eye during an accident of some sort back in the mid-70s.


i found this on fight news