ALI!!!! Where fart thou?

Ali.I just finished reading the old threads here,and gotta axe-Where the hell have you been/being?Dude,you were the voice of reason and righteousness here.I dunno,it's just not the same without you to riff at.Oh well...(weeps,whails and snivles)

Carry on,bro.

I was thinking the same thing lately...

Well, I wasn't being quite so whiny about it. I hope he's alright.

Argh.... I had to hear second-hand that this was here, yes indeed, been away... I'll be back! (Not as much as I used to be, probably, but... more than in the last coupla months).

new "noise" interest - Keiji Haino/Fushitsusha

Ali Babba,good to hear from you.As Das Beaver notes,I've been traumatized.Cool!

Yes,Keiji Haino.He played here around 2 years ago,solo at a jazz fest.I have yet to hear him,but sounds like I will dig it.I read a review on Japanese Noise guitarists 7 years ago in GP.Featured KK Null from Zeni Geva and Haino,amongst others.One fellow was quoted as saying that his next door neighbor once asked him if he could be so kind as to mellow out on the "airplane noises".LOL!

Many of those players are well into fashioning their own special Frankenstein guitars with all kinds of add-on bells and whistle death ray effects.Very inventive crew.If any of you freaks get to Osaka city,check out Bears.It's a noise/jazz/punk club owned by a member of the Boredoms.Haven't been,myself,but plan to eventually.

Well, I stumbled across Haino, and his "power trio" Fushitsusha I know not quite how... actually someone wanted to trade for something I had, and I think that's about all he had to share, so I said, sure I'd check it out. Now I'm really trying to sort it out. The guy is a monster power/noise guitarist, but also has done some records where he vocalizes and plays the odd percussion instrument and that's about it... so.... I'm sure it's not all good. Has about 100 albums. But I like what I've been hearing.

STILL haven't checked out Zeni Geva.

But I think I found a source for the rehearsal sessions for "Mind Transplant". That oughta interest you ;-) I don't know for sure yet, so shouldn't count chickens...

Yay Ali!

I figured you either got burned out, or you gf took away your modem.

I've heard a lot about Keiji, but he's one of those guys I always forget to investigate. Soulseek seems to have a fair amount of material by him, off I go!

MajicSam, I know how you feel - I just found out Merzbow played here a few months ago. How could I not hear about it??? I'm slipping in my old age.

If any of you freaks get to Osaka city,check out Bears.It's a noise/jazz/punk club owned by a member of the Boredoms

Holy crap, that sounds incredible. I'd like to get over again as soon as I can, my whole time there I couldn't find a funky club like that to hang out in.

I've found a little bit of Keiji's material - Fushitsusha 'Withdrawe, this sable Disclosure ere devot'd'  and one with Boris called 'Black implication flooding.'

I'm going to give them a spin a little later.


I don't know who Boris is.... but the guy is absurdly prolific!

I've got Withdrawe etc., and it's a really good (live) recording; I think the previous Fushitsusha drummer was better, so some of the earlier disks (so far) are more to my liking, but Withdrawe is excellent too. I've got one (well, 2CD's) called Purple Trap that is just too relentless, but.... in some moods.... about the greatest thing you can ever hear.

I guess moods are like that. And Haino is not something I could subsist on!

Ali,you can order all of Tommy Bolin's material from picked up the Mind Transplant rehearsals bootleg in Japan a few years back,except it was titled Spectrum Sessions.Funny thing is,there's zero actual Spectrum anything on it!That's ok,still paid huge money for it.

The better official quality copy can be found at the Bolin site for far less coin.Again,little actual Mind Transplant material,just incredible jams.Get it now.Alphonze Mouzon rocks,when he's not punching sax players in the mouth,that is.