Alien discovery scenario

If humans discovered a habitable planet that we could travel to and on this planet are aliens who are human-like except at the caveman stage of evolution, how would we proceed?

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We'd fuck them up and take over their resources.


Using technology, elaborate clothing, and fireworks/special effects, we convince them that we are actual gods.

Make them slaves probably

Rape camps would be setup with the week.

Black Dougie -

We'd fuck them up and take over their resources.





Do they have oil?

Black Dougie -

We'd fuck them up and take over their resources.




survival of the fittest doesn't end in space

Hopefully we leave it the fuck alone and pretend we didn't find it. Any species that is so advance it can traverse the Universe would wreck us. Why flip a coin to see if they're hostile or not?

I would arrive and quickly decimate their population with a wave of std's they would later write of biblically. They would speak of the one that came with a silver tongue and a manhood they would later come to fear. I'd spend years tormenting the females of this world both sexually and emotionally. When the numbers of the missing grew too large to go unnoticed I'd take my leave. I think it would be a blast.

I'd like to think we'd make their lives better and be able to be seen as gods. How many of them are there? it a planet with the same population and size as ours? How many of us are going? How hot are the cave bitches after we clean them up and get dental work and extensive waxing done?

Send all lefties there to take care and nurture the natives. 


Soup Nazi - 



ABCTT_TFK_Mr.Smiff, there are millions of them on this planet. It is very similar in size and population to Earth. Our world has yet to decide how many of us to send, that depends on what the purpose of sending humans to this planet would be. The cave bitches are nasty even after cleaning and waxing them up.

Would it make a huge difference which country discovered this planet? Would China behave differently than the USA? If Russia found this planet would they share the info or use it for their own?

If any of them look like Selena Gomez, I'm going straight into slavery and pillaging.