Aliens Colonial Marines

I tried to post this before but it got lost in space where no one can hear you scream.

Anybody excited for this?

Done by the folks from Gearbox who gave us Borderlands.

This is a sequel to Cameron's Aliens. We will get the Sulaco, LV 246, motion trackers, original foley sound from the film, Syd Mead level design, co-op play.

I don't want to get my hopes up. But I am geeked.

February 12th release.


I first heard of this game back in 2008. It looked badass. I saw some gameplay recently though and It looked alright, so idk. Hopefully it delivers Phone Post

There is a lot of attention to detail going into this. If this is not good I will toss myself from an airlock. Phone Post

4 player co-op? Hell fucking yes. One of my must buy games of 2013 and it's almost here.

This game is going to rock, but don't be surprised if they delay it...again.

Like an asshole I just pre-ordered the collectors edition.

This is going to be canon. A direct sequel. Marines land 17 days later for the "rescue".

Drunk OG four man co-op. This must be done.

I'm cautiously optimistic....gonna wait....gears of war is coming and dead space.... The game money is tight. Phone Post

I hear you. Deadspace, Gears and add Bioshock to that list for me. Phone Post

When it was announced I was excited as shit but after seeing the game play I've lost most of my excitement Phone Post

WiiU version sounds good. The controller touch screen will act as a motion sensor.