Alistair Overeem/Duffe Dynamite VTR **EPIC**


For those of you who missed dynamite and dont have HDNET.

This was the EPIC VTR Dream put together for overeem.

1/7,000,000,000 - They spun that off fedor being 1/6,000,000,000

I got the chills from this seeing it live. The japanese Production is beyond amazing, UFC TAKE NOTES. Check this out yall !!! 

Fedor 2.0 - The replacement poster boy.

Cmon evilmaster

you gotta admit that vtr was pretty epic even though your not a reem fan :)






Ok, I posted ROAD SMS before, but now its time to review it. Many people love the concept of this app but is it worthy of your phone storage? Does it deserve to be on your SD card?


Grab a drink, relax, enjoy the read, and lets check it out…



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Opps, WFA

my bad


 I give duffee credit for fighting brave ..but daaaaam bro circle circle and try more takedowns!!!

I wanted to see that fight go longer