Alistair Overeem is now a pitbull **VID**

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Looks in great shape.

Golden Glory was never a good handler.

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XxLiveBaitxX - ^ Thx homie

no problem bro

God damn. Phone Post

that dog is very WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE!

Damn that dog is looking solid. tight. thick.

Holy Fuckin' TRT Phone Post

LeftLowKick - that dog is very WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE!

Yes I know.

"They make great pets."

"I'd trust that dog around my 2 year old."

"A 'pit bull' is an arbitrary classification."

- the OG

Ugh, he's neutered. Scary to think if he wasn't. Phone Post

Kostakio - 

Ugh, he's neutered. Scary to think if he wasn't.

That's a poodle compared to Wendy the Whippet

He needs to enter some doggybuilding comps, he would smash that shit Phone Post

Bully breeds get a bad rep because of the owner. my pit is harmless, my labs not so much. still great dogs but I'd rather a child be with my pitbull than my labs. Even my westie is more dangerous. My pit is about 76 pounds. He is a good boy and so gentle. Phone Post

KZTT_CodyLarge - 

That dog is insane but the owner is the reason those dogs get a bad rep. Phone Post

Beautiful dog!  What is it about the owner that gives those dogs a bad name exactly?  I was just putting my yorkie through the same exercises this morning with a sock.  Please explain.  Thank s.  

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