Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar - Who you got?

Alistair Overeem , gullitine choke R1. Pretty much the same exact fight with James Thompson, would do the same thing to Brock.

alistair would have his way with lesnar.

Ubereem destroys lesnar

PrideGP is The GAME -  Alistair by whatever he wants.

 Allistar by guilotine after a Lesnar takedown.

Overeem is one of the worst possible match for Lesnar.

Overeem would make Lesnar look like he did all that training.... for nothing

Overeem would win. Lesnar has better takedowns but Overeem is a better striker, better in submissions and I think strength wise they are equal or Overeem is even better.......

Overeem would destroy him standing....and I can even see Overeem able to take him down....

I may be in the minority but I will go with Brock

The new Hulk Overeem will beat Brock. Brocks striking is quite terrible.

Overeem by huge knee!!

Ubereem by whatever he wants.

and then Ubereem would get DQed and suspended do to use of illegal performance enchancing drugs.

but then again Brock is "juicing" a lot too so... both would get DQed and suspended.

Brock will win easily. Stop trolling.

James Thompson = just as good as the heavyweight champ

LOL at internetz

Brock Lesnar by giant chestcock stabbing.

overeem would rape lesnar with a ko or guillotine whichever he chose

Would favor Overeem slightly. His Guillotine and Knees are a horrible matchup for Brock. However, who knows what Lensar would look like if he was allowed the same "preperation" as Overeem.

^^ like this

It would be an easy fight for Brock. Overeem can't defend his takedowns and would be put on his back and his tiny, little heart would quit and he'd lose an MMA match for the dozenth time.

But they would probably need to restart the match atleast once as Overeem might accidently throw a flying knee and land in the audience.


Have to go with Lesnar. I don't care if Overeem put on a bunch of muscle. He doesn't have the frame to deal with the power Lesnar has. Alistair looks like some shrunken head freak on a big body.