Alistair / Pele fight 2morrow....

WFC is tomorrow w/ the following lineup w/ my picks. What are yours?

Alistair Overeem vs Moise Rimbon: ALISTAIR by KO

Alexander Shlemenko vs Pele: PELE by decision

Cyborg vs Mikko Ruponen: CYBORG by KO

Moise Rimbon is from my club!!!!

He is so powerfull...Great wrestling base with good footock.

Cool to see the french finally representing

Alistair is everywhere these days. The UFC should sign him and put him up against Tito or Babalu. His conditioning and heart are questionable, but the guy is undeniably exciting to watch.

Alistair is as good as anyone for the first few minutes. Agreed, UFC need someone this exciting to watch. I think he'd be even money versus Chuck.

yeah Chuck ko'ed him in Pride