Alistair, Schilt, Einmo, Cahoon fight tommorrow



1. Paul Cahoon vs Damir Mihajlovi?

2. Michel Andrade vs Dado Stojni?

3. Valentijn Overeem vs Senad Hadži?

4. John Olav Einemo vs Krešimir Bogdanovi?

5. Alistair Overeem vs Saša Milanovi?

6. Chalid Arrab vs Matias Bari?

7. Ibro Miladin vs Miodrag Petkovi?

8. Denis Stojni? vs Michel McDonald

9. Stefan Leko vs Mumaer Tufek?i?

10. Semmy Schilt vs Jurgen Dolc

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Damn Overeem's fighting back to back weekends, good for him

Whoever Semmy and Alistair are fighting. I feel real sorry for them.

"Dutch firing squad"

I see the source, and I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising, but I can't believe Coker would be cool with Alistair fighting anyone 3 weeks out from the Rodgers fight.

Wow someone's taking Brett Rogers lightly.

 The show was postponned until May 29th. It's not going down tomorrow.