Aljamain b1tches; says he DEFINITELY deserves rematch more than Adesanya

Entitled Aljo is back
Says he deserves a rematch more than Izzy deserves one.

But Izzy didn’t get knocked the fuk out! :rofl:

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Well he’s not wrong at all.

But let’s just go ahead and give neither the rematch.


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All I want is Merab to retire and never fight again in his puny life.

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Hi Sean

He does not “deserve” a rematch, but he does deserve it more than Adesanya.

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It’s his fault o malley is now champ, he deserves nothin

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One has nothing to do with the other. What the fuck is the point of this thread lol

Hes sooo fucking boring man. Id say the worst fighter to watch in MMA. Hes the new Cruz for me. Hated watching Cruz in the WEC

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I mean he’s not wrong, he lost a title with a questionable stoppage. But I personally would not want to see a rematch.

I agree with the concept of he doesnt “deserve” a rematch but definitely does over izzy getting one. Izzy is 4-3 since and including the Jan fight! Dudes with records like that tend to not even be ranked, let alone get multiple title rematches

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Aljo thinks that, well I think Till deserved a rematch with Woodley but never got it therefor lets go with Edwards vs Till for the next title fight. Oh yeah, and bring CM Punk back, see if Ferguson is interested.

The last thing anyone wants besides CM Punk vs Tony is Aljamain to get an instant rematch.

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Izzy went the distance

He doesn’t deserve the rematch

But Aljo is less deserving because he got KTFO



I try my best to remember it’s difficult to even start a basic third grade conversation here sometimes.

Sterling is such a fag

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Neither guy should get immediate rematch…Izzy was talking about wanting new blood in the division, so now’s the time…And Aljo was not some dominant, long reigning champ. He fought Yan in close fights and a one-armed Dillashaw, before getting knocked out by O’Malley. He can go get another win or two and come back, and same with Merab. He can wait for another shot in a few fights from now too.

Great way of outing yourself as a noob.

Him having a W over Aldo in the fashion he got it will forever make me despise that guy

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u must have Sean Sherk as your GOAT. way to out yourself as being a fag.

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