Alkaline and/or high energy diets

Anyone have any good diets that are good for "bodybuilding" and high energy. I heard some stuff about that diet Randy Cotoure was on, where it was all leafy greens and stuff - high alkaline diet and stuff. Anyone have more info on this kind of dieting?

lotsa coffee

"Just say no to gimmicks"

The diet I'm talking about is not about gimmicks. It's the diet Randy uses to prepare for fights.

I'd also like to know more about this...

A high alkaline diet is eating clean. Extremely clean. I don't buy into the whole alkaline/PH balacing deal because there is no medical proof (that I've seen anyway) that shows you can change your PH balance thru the foods you eat. I eat really clean as it is and I feel great. If BronxBison wants to try it, more power to him. At least it's not Atkins.

You can't alter PH by any noticeable degree.  It's just a very clean and healthy diet.  There are several ways to do that. 

An "alkaline" diet does not literally alter the PH of your body. It simply makes it easier for your body to maintain alkaline balance.

Regarding "alkalinity" of the body and other such myths, please see this:



Wow that link contains NOTHING of substance.


lol @ anyone thinking eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables (of which the drink is just another form) is any kind of gimmick or somehow bad for you. The green powder isn't about magically making you "alkaline," it's about all of the nutrients in it. MRMAKO needs to stick to subjects he knows about, because diet/fitness/nutrition clearly is not one of them.

alfalfa extract is a nice supplement to maintaining your alkaline balance.

that, excercise, alot of water, and low sodium intake will help you prevent your muscles from frying.

Alkaline diet argument:

Its great because it balances your PH and gives you energy.

No its not. It works because your cutting out bad food and eating a lot of healthy vegetables. PH balancing is bullshit.

Believe the nutriders or believe the haters. It works either way.