alkaline diet anyone?

have you tried?

pros and cons......

does it really works?

Who would have thought eating a diet high in fruits and veggies would be good for you? Certainly not every sensible person who has ever lived.


lol @ alakaline diet

vermonter nailed it

You must not get out much. Everyone knows that Lithium is the new craze. You can take a lot more pictures with lithium than alkaline.

JJB, what your AD consists of?

I see some contradictions on what is considered alkaline or acid
depending of the source, where did you find yours?

That's because it depends on whether or not you decide that the pH of the food or the pH of the response in your body is to the food is more important. I think DR. Berardi says that it's the response, in which case some of the results are surprising.

Of course, any reasonable diet is based on more than one sort of food quality anyway. There are good reasons to eat some acidic or acid causing foods, and there is far more to consider. The pH of your food is simply not enough information.


much depends on your personal metabolism, if you are a slow or fast oxidizer, or even if system is run more by nervous system, (sympathetic or parasympathetic)...but the general eating 5 servings fruits and veg, limit alcohol & drugs, sugar, refined flour, fried foods, saturated fats is good start to balancing blood ph

what's considered ideal? 7.4 7.5 I read somewhere

ttt for lithium and ruffage

There have been very significant documented improvements in performance from consuming certain basic substances, sodium bicarbonate for example.


i prefer the alkaline trio