Alkaline Diet?

Has anyone on here done any research on this diet, or tried it out? Just curious, as I was thinking of giving it a shot and maybe buying the Team Quest training manual...

The underlying theory is pretty much crap.  Your blood pH is highly regulated, so eating an alkaline food won't affect your pH.

That being said, certain foods can affect the pH, but it's more from their byproducts than the acidity or alkalinity of the actual food itself.  But the diet does emphasize lots of veggies and basic nutrition, so it's not that bad.

Thanks for the input man. Anyone else?

Agreed with pfsjkd. A more alkaline blood is just as deadly (yes, it can kill you) as a more acidic ph. There's no research showing that your diet can affect your blood ph anyway. The buffering system in your body is amazingly powerful.

Also, PH is not really indicative of anything - especially sailva and urine PH.

Even blood PH tells you very little by itself.

As stated, the body is highly efficient in regulating its PH. If acidosis occurs in the system, metabolic/catabolic functions alter to create more alkaline buffers from amino acids & to preserve the alkaline mineral reserves.

Your body is intelligent. Just eat smart.