All aboard the Hendo Express!! Choo choo

Can't wait to watch Hendo put Lombard to sleep!

War Henderson Phone Post 3.0

Hell yeah I'm in!!

Hope he KO's him!! Phone Post 3.0

Signed! War hendo! Phone Post 3.0

Hope you are right, stamp my ticket!!!

Choo Choo! Phone Post 3.0

I hope so Phone Post 3.0

Hope Hendo knocks his head off. Phone Post 3.0

I think this may be it's final ride
So fucking in Phone Post 3.0

Got a parlay riding in Hendo's shoulders. Hope that H bomb lands tonight! Phone Post 3.0

VU for all aboard Phone Post 3.0

Crazy to think this guy won UFC 17 and he's still going at UFC 199. Phone Post 3.0

I'm in! Hope we see the H-bomb land! Phone Post 3.0

fucking damn right Pes, love your food threads, and your a big Hendo fan?, my all-time fav fighter

"Did we just become best friends???"

RICKYB - Crazy to think this guy won UFC 17 and he's still going at UFC 199. Phone Post 3.0

yep no doubt

snapping necks and cashing checks

really want hendo to win, but i am scared 4 him

Let's go Hendo!!

Peculiar -

Do you even watch mma?

Hendo can't handle speed 

He's a turtle

You're a turtlehead poking out of Hendo's ass Phone Post 3.0

Love Hendo, but sadly he looked old at the weigh ins. Kinda hunched over weirdly thin just didn't look the same. I'm not sure if we was a TRT guy or not but I'm hoping to see some old man strength in action and a big KO regardless of my observations Phone Post 3.0

Come on Hendo!

Old slow as hendo locate the H-bomb

Hope so I'd like to see Lombard get ko'd

Just that hendo is slow and old

Hopefully you guys can come back and laugh at me after the fight

That would mean Dan stopped hector because he isn't winning a dec.

Would be worth it !

Put this cheater out of or misery. Phone Post 3.0