Choo fucking Choo! Granted Frankie is still the biggest obstacle! But he answered a lot of questions! And make the excuses, Mendes only had two weeks blah blah! He's always fit, he was never going gas in 2 except for those body shots! Summed up, HE'S LEGIT!!! Phone Post 3.0

It's interesting, on one hand he proved he's the real deal without a doubt, on the other he looked very human. I mean let's face it, Chad seemed to be landing the harder head shots on the feet, seemed to be the faster guy, and was getting takedowns at will, and Conor didn't have much on the ground. Obviously in the end Conor's shots proved to be the more damaging ones, but he definitely looked beatable I think.

Yes beatable, but let's be honest, who isn't? He took good shots, escaped a potential Alpha Killotine, few good sprawls, strong shots? Mendes has only lost to Aldo, once early in his career after Aldo stopped a takedown be grabbing the cage, second in a great fight where he also hurt Aldo! Far as I'm concerned questions are answered! Even Jones had his tough fight against Gus! Not making comparisons, but just to show, everyone has weaknesses at times.. Phone Post 3.0