All About The Games: PS3v360

Interesting and good read...a review of 3 or 4 games on 360 and PS3....PS3 takes a bit of beating:

Brief piece comparing Need For Speed Carbon:

"For once, there is an immediate, noticeable difference between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 visuals. When hurtling down the nighttime straightaway in the Xbox 360, the blurring effects look stunning. The PS3 is plagued with a lower frame rate that dampens high-speed situations. Car models don't look quite as nice as the Xbox 360 vehicles, too."

Another thread that makes redeye cry.

Yeah, I haven't seen him around here much lately.

funny that, isn't it?

The Japanese Motorstorm apparently sucks bloody murder, but the American version is supposed to be fixed.

"I played a ps3 at the mall... some racing game. The graphics were fuckin amazing... but there was a lotta slowdown in heavy crash scenes... and it was 720p"

I did the same thing. 100% agree. If they don't fix that slowdown, that game is worthless.

IGN called Motorstorm the technically most impressive game that theyve ever played. Motorstorm is a first gen game so apparently the PS3 has some muscle...

The tech in Motorstorm looks sweet, but the game just doesn't look that fun to me. All of the courses are in that same Arizona desert -- no cities, no forests, no beaches, whatever. And the action is too slow.

BUT all the previews I've read have said it IS extremely fun, so who knows?

the japanese release is said to look even better than the demo most have played