All-American Week Combatives

Just a quick update for those of you planning to attend this years Combatives Event for All-American Week here at Ft. Bragg.

Competition on Tuesday is from 0900-1700, with all ladder matches being completed on Wednesday between 0900-1300. Finals and 3rd place matches will be completed from 1500-1700 on Wednesday as well, with the awards presentation at the completion of the finals matches.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Jeff Yurk

Day 1 is complete! First of all thanks to Chris, Nate, and Dave for coming up to ref the event. It has been great to have them up, and they are working all day and doing a great job.

Tuesday we have the semi-finals in the morning at 9am, and then we will complete the finals from 1500-1700 that night, with the awards ceremony at approx. 1700.



Well, all Semi-Finals are completed. We had some very good matches.

As of right now, the 3 teams in the lead for the Team Cup are 1/325, 82nd DSTB, and 2/504.

I expect some good finals. I will post results when I have them.



Cool man ! I remember when i was in 82nd the 1st combatives tournament there. Even Riyce came and Matt Larsen for that time SFC came with 2 instructors and help referee Hoah. Hope see you soon!!!

Well, the event is over! With over 200 competitors, 32 teams, over 190 total matches, and 121 submissions, we are finished with the 2006 All-American Week Combatives Tourney!!

I will post all the individual results later. Team awards went to 1st place (1/325), 2nd place (2/504), and 3rd place (82nd DSTB).