All Army tourny questions


I'm in a Separate IN BDE and we are trying to put a team together for the all Army tourney. We are working to get approved for funding and are going to brief our chain of command in the next few days. We had some questions and assumptions we wanted to verify/clarify for use in the brief and for additional focus for the train up for the event.

  1. Assumption: BDEs can enter their own teams.

  2. Assumption: Uniform for the first few rounds is BDU/ACU/DCU

    a. Question: Do we have to wear shoes?
    b. Question: In the ΒΌ, semi and finals does the uniform option change to fight shorts and rash guards.
    c. Question: In the FM it talks about Pancreas rules in the later rounds, are they the same for the finals or do they go to MMA rules.

  3. Assumption: Open to active services members regardless of weather or not they have MACP certifications (i.e. a BJJ purple belt who has no "Army Certifications", but is an active duty service member)

  4. Question: Does Ft. Benning have a very in-depth Risk Assessment we can use to develop one for our COC?

Thanks for the support.

  • Ted


I just pushed to the top the thread about the rules that will answer every question for you (Entiled "Rules for all army tourny").

Here are the short answers to your questions...

1) Yes

2) Yes

a. Bare feet or wrestling shoes only.

b. The uniform will change for the finals only. For Semi-finals you will wear additional safety gear (Shin pads, elbow and knee pads). For detailed information about the uniform for the finals, see the other thread.

c. Ladder matches are standard rules. Semi-Finals are using Intermediate rules (Similar to Pancreas)and the Finals use Advanced rules (Similar to MMA rules).

3) You do not need to be certified in MACP to compete.

4) Check the Benning Combatives Website, they may have a risk assessment. If not, contact SPC Flynn at the Combatives School, he should be able to assist.