All Balls Brawl!

 waka waka

Give Melvin the "Pee Pee Elbow"!

That's awesome. Thanks for the link, and good luck in your next fight.

Good luck with your fight Joe. I use your director of awesome in my sig block at work. Had to let you know incase of copyrights n such.

 "no butt shots"  lol


Damn that was a legit LOL.

Seriously could you imagine taking a KenFlo elbow to the balls?

Vasectomizer indeed.

 Fantastic. Good luck Joe.

In early.

I liked the double speedbag.


Cheick Kongo approved!

BrockbackMountain - I liked the double speedbag.
Yeah. It was a good touch.

 ha, funny, and nicely done too

Subbed Phone Post

Lol @ Cheick Kongo approved.

 Wholy Crap that was nuts... (no pun)

Seriously cracked me the fuck up.. LOL


Good luck joe!

Find a way to choke Melvin.