All butch lesbos are just ugly fat pigs


Ruby Rose?

still trashy and gross


An exception but if you’ve seen her naked like in orange is the new black, she has an oddly shaped body

Wood still but wouldn’t call her hot


Ruby rose is not hot.
She looks like a little boy pretending to be a man for Halloween.


I dragged my girlfriend to a lesbian festival in san francisco once. They were advertising 10,000 to 20,000 lesbians in attendance. My girlfriend didn’t want to go, but she had the last laugh when it turned out to be 20,000 butt ugly women. What a pig fest it was.


I remember a time when all lesbians basically looked like justin briber but fat. They all had that shaggy beiber cut, or like mens hair with the bang spiked up with gel.

I dont get swearing off men and then settling down with a chubby man simulacrum.


The simulacrum is what they consider safe.
They dont actually want the disagreeable nature of a man, but they want the look of a bigger bear type. So fat butch lesbian it is!

I spent my day at universal studios. It’s why I posted this.

Must have seen at least 30 butch lesbos. All looked exactly the same. Short, fat, basketball shorts, ugly. All with a skinny ugly, but better looking, woman

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He specifically said ‘butch’