All DVDs must gooooo blowout sale!

And I must go to bed... good night!

do u ship internationally?

I was about to ask the exact same question corran


I've got my eye on those ufc double disc's! :)

(some prides not on video would be nice for the collection too!)

okay, where's the discount or am I missig something? All the instructional DVD's are priced the same as what you'd find on anyother site. Doesn't sound like a 'blowout' sale to me. Re-post when you're having a 50% off closeout sale!

Creative marketing if you ask me.

i think the prices are the same as Viele's prices on eBay.  is there a discount code or something?

1) We don't ship internationally at this time other than Canada. Sorry guys, maybe someday again :(

2) Let me know where you can get any of the instructionals we are selling at the price we have them at. As far as I know - this is the lowest I've ever seen them online.

3) This is no marketing gimmick. You will not find any other MMA sites selling their PRIDE and UFC DVDs for $10-12. If you see the same prices on eBay, than either they are a) Loading the price in the shipping, b) not letting you combine multiple purchases, or c) Selling it for fun because they are not making a dollar.

We will sell everything out completely and maybe I'll have to lower prices even further at some point, but I doubt it.

ttt fuck I need to get on this shit

Nice. TTT for later.

Fuck your Pride DVD's are cheap! Too bad I already ordered them from Pride's website. Fuck!

typical....turn your back on the australian mma customer.....damn you international sales people, damn you all. lol can you smell my bitterness....damn you i wanted the grappler quests and some of the pirde dvds...In the immortal words of Mr Willy Wonka..."good day sir, I SAID GOOD DAY."

Are you getting anymore Pride Shockwave 2003? and how much would shipping be

We aren't getting anymore of anything... this is it, when it's sold out it's gone.

The only thing we may hang on to is the Bas DVDs because he is the reigning king of MMA.

Would you guy's make an eception on shipping to australia if I bought multiple things? just thought i'd throw that out there

Dammit you're outta stock on the Dave Kovar strike zone wavemaster training DVD!!

j/k about ole Dave. I placed an order with you guys.

See, posting on can get ya business.

Thanks guys for the purchases... sometimes I wonder whether it's worth being a sponsor on here when there are so many others... but that's why it pays to post I guess.

As for the man from down under - I would love to ship to Australia, but if I do it for you then it isn't fair for all the people in the UK and elsewhere that we aren't doing it for. In due time we'll bring international shipping back for good. In the meantime, if you e-mail me I'll tell you where you can get the same prices as our sale. Take care mate! :)