All Female TUF show

 do it

But they'd need a female division 1st Phone Post

I'd watch. Phone Post

There aren't enough females that could qualify. And could you imagine the crying and drama. Oh wait there is already plenty of that.


MIXED guys and girls...that is where you get the drama and ratings

EDIT: Not sure how that pic ended up in this thread..... 

 not enough female talent. if you go beyond the few good female fighters it's nothing more than slap fighting... you can watch that at any urban school yard.

There is definitely 16 girl that are talented enough. Ive seen local girl fights in Florida and Hawaii with some pretty decent skill sets.

TTT for the female TUF

how do we really know if there's enough talent unless try outs are held? I'm sure there are girls all over the country training.. hell the reason Carano got involved was because of an x boyfriend.. how many other girls are out there like that? I don't know. at least test the waters. do 2 weight classes and see who shows up. plenty of x-army ladies that might wanna give it a go. TUF ratings can only get worse from this point on. No formula they can come up with will top former numbers consistently.

I would agree with holding tryouts to see how it goes. Not a huge fan of tuf though: the drama is terrible and sometimes it just sucks to see someone get manhandled so badly you know they never have a chance to ever get on TV again.

My impression is that there isn't really enough talent to fill the house.

 As long as Amanda Lucas is on it... 

 would be awesome.
 Rousey and Cyborg as coaches.

It'd be annoying...just sayin Phone Post

 dana saying there are not enough women is a BS excuse...

his original reason why he said no women in the ufc is because he doesnt like seeing women get hit...that is not PC so now he changes it to a weak division excuse

who cares about a weak division? who is the most popular draw in the history of boxing? tyson...did he have a strong division? can you name what most of  his opponents did? no you cant...

Not a bad idea for the next season. Another way to get excitement up would be to do it for a weight class where there isn't currently a champ, 125, or 145 then have the finalists fight for the belt.

They could do it for sure.

Do it at bantam

Some girls can move up and some girls can cut

Alexis Davis
Yamanaka Phone Post

If Junie Browning and War Machine have sisters, they'd be shoe-ins to make the house.

 It would do A LOT better than the last 3-4 seasons of TUF, I reckon.