All fighters test clean at UFC 102

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                                All fighters test clean at UFC 102

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                    <p>The Oregon State Athletic Commission announced today that the Mixed Martial Arts<br />

competitors that participated in the August 29th, 2009 Ultimate Fighting Championship event

conducted at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, all tested negative for both drugs of abuse and

performance enhancing drugs.

The following fighters were required to provide testing samples for drug screening at the

completion of their fight:

Randy Couture (Main Event)

Todd Duffee

Evan Dunham

Chris Leben (Pre-Event/Post-Fight)

Antonio Nogueira (Main Event)

Aaron Simpson

The Oregon State Athletic Commission appreciates the cooperation of the competitors and the

Ultimate Fighting Championship in their compliance with our drug screening procedures.



I'm sure getting Duffee in that bunch was completely random.

They made sure to express/assure to me that it was random numerous times so I feel as if it was....u think they draw names out of a hat or what I wonder how they do that...In all seriousness I think everyone should get tested...random yearlys too...makes us more legit that baseball :-)


Awesome fight man congrats

Duffee is awesome!Please keep posting here and ignore the trolls

The dufster! sup man, keep posting and ignore the haters!

TTT for Duffee The Vampire Slayer.

Todd "Dont turn this rape into a murder" Duffee

Everyone should always be tested.


good for leben