All Good Dogs Go To Heaven

Do you believe animals possess a soul ? Its kind of funny, I have matured more in a spiritual way thru things that have happened with my Dogs than with interacting with humans.

I believe they do. I know that isnt a popular evangelical concept but Dogs in particular are called mans best friend for a reason. I believe they are some pure form of spirit. Its a long story but I have a 13 year old beagle that radically changed my life and made me realize what an asshole I used to be. I now have a 4 year old shepherd that I got a chance to redeem many of my bad characteristics thru. My dogs have altered my spiritual nature. Ironically, I named him Chance.

Animals do have a soul, in the basic sense of the word.  The do not have a soul in the same way that we do (i.e. created in the image of God)

I know what you are saying kolbe, it just makes me think that there is far more to the soul than we imagine. I understand the concept of being createdin Gods image. I also believe that the intangibles or the sould and spirit might be a formless thing manifested in different ways. My thoughts are muddled on it but I just really am struck by what the soul is and our conceptions about it. Dogs in particular.

It certainly is an interesting topic zealot...I think Aquinas had a great piece about this in the Summa...let me see if I can dig it up.

From The Summa Theologica


that will take me a bit of time to sift thru haha.

I love dogs and feel like I've really "connected" with some dogs...

However, I'm not sure if animals really have free will or the ability to make moral choices... And heaven, for humans at least, is open to those who make good moral choices on Earth. By contrast, animals are ruled purely by instinct.

On the other hand, animals are a part of God's creation and perhaps have a divine "spark," and maybe that spark returns to the source (God) at the end of an animal's life.

Ultimately I really don't know, but I doubt animals make it to heaven the same way humans do.

because people don't keep cows as pets, & cows are delicious.

but...but...cows are delicious!

--jarrod, former vegan


i know what you mean. i got all confused at first; i thought someone talked me into turning "vega" so went around dressed like the character from street fighter. boy was i mad when i found out i had to stop eating meat & dairy.

CS Lewis thinks it is possible that our personal animals might be raised with us.  There is no doubt that the higher animals have some kind of soul but I would not say that are the same thing as humans who are made in the image of God and given the potential to achieve the likeness of God.  That is why animals don't have any sense of right and wrong.  We teach them things like not stealing and not fighting but all of those make sense within instinctual pack behavior.  When your dog is skulking away because he stole a piece of food that is not guilt, it is just submission.  They are actually quite happy that they managed to get a bit of the pack's food supply.

that's submission?

"rickson by anthropomorphiziation, rd 1!"

There is no doubt that the higher animals have some kind of soul

No one doubts this? or no Christian, or oChristian, or what? I mean, clearly there's some doubt, but I don't know what you mean.

I didn't say no one doubts it.  A lot of oChristians actually don't believe animals have any kind of soul.  But it all stands or falls on the definition of soul.  I don't mean something like an immortal soul but rather something that gives them a uniqueness of personality, emotions, and something like a will.

you said "there is no doubt".... which might mean no one doubts it, but this is why I asked.

Do you mean basically that you don't doubt it? I'm still not clear.

As far as animals for meat. Yes I eat cow meat. But some people also eat human meat......


If you want to know the spiritist position on this matter, you can read one chapter about it at The Spirit´s Book: