All Hail Smash Brothers!

I think Super Smash Bros: Melee just became my favorite video game of all time. There is no other single video games my friends and I play more when they're over. The thing is that we never seem to tire of the game, and the only reason we quit playing it is we get too drunk to continue lol

All hail the king of fighting games!

Never heard of it.

Excellent game. It's one of the best excuses to talk trash ever. The single player mode is good, but 4 way rules.

I never got the lunchbox, but I STILL play the orriginal on N64. I would kill for a way to play people online with that thing. Give me Samus and the castle or saffron city levels and it's gonna take one bad MFer to stop me.

We used to play the N64 version like crazy, but we never got into melee.

I find Melee to be very, very similar to the N64 version in multiplayer, just a good upgrade. The single player in Melee is a huge improvement.

Online would be trouble for me... i play enough when my friends come over, I don't need to play that much where they aren't lol

I think I want to switch to using Peach now

who's your character?

"We used to play the N64 version like crazy, but we never got into melee."

Same here, it was almost like too diluted in terms of how much stuff. Of course you could customize, but I prefer the look and feel of the orriginal. The only real flaw of it was that you couldnt change the way you were facing in mid air with some guys. This meant you'd be close enough to grip the ledge but still die cause you were facing the other way. Samus for life.

who's your character?
Pikachu, God of Thunder!
I like 'em twitchy.

Raiden might have something to say about that.

last night I finally unlocked all the characters. I only have one more level to unlock as well :D

pikachu sucks!

Finally some people making sense around here, SSBM is the best multiplayer fighter ever, you have so much freedom in the game to run around the stage and use and discover different tactics for every level this game rocks, i played the N64 one like a crack addict and was unstoppable with Ness and Captain Falcon my bros played with samus and the competition was fierce when friends would come over. super smash bros melee is also extremely amazing but the fact they ruined the spiking was a bit annoying. i use Marth in ssbm

My favorite settings as of late are 4 minute rounds with just the Hammer, Warp Stars, and Pokeballs cranked up to very high.

Holy crap, man... Did you unlock Mewtwo? That was the one character I figured I'd never get.

"I got 287 trophies in this game, yes i have no life"

Trophies are in melee right, not the orriginal?

Its brilliant dude. So simple yet it never gets boring. Some characters are great for trying to knock guys off the edge, others can rack up huge damage. The items are awesome as well.

ahhh... smash bros...the original is 10 times better. we all used to hit up some reefer, then select the link stage, battle it out for hours. good times.

"ahhh... smash bros...the original is 10 times better."

I agree. Only person who tools me in that game is my brother. I cant get enough of it.

Super Smash Bros. Melee? That brings back memories. I guess my favorite char. would be Link/Samus. What can I say, old school is the best.

When I first heard about the idea I thought it would be lame, but the fighting was done brilliantly.