All I have are shred guitars...

an '82 Ibanez Rocket Roll and an '84 Charvel Model 4-

(I also have a '74 Ovation Classical Roundback but Imeant electrics)

Was thinking of getting a new guitar and that made me think of how old the ones I have are-

anyone else still have "period" or "era" guitars?

I have a guitar I built that is VERY 80s-early 90s.

Alder Strat body by Performance Guitars.

Warmoth Maple/Maple neck with DEEP scalloping of the fingerboard.

Fender American Standard Tremolo Bridge.

Seymour Duncan JB Humbucking pickup in bridge position.

DiMarzio HS-3 pickup in neck position.

EVH meets YJM for those of you who read initials.

awesome!...I can almost picture it-

I put a Kahler and a Dimarzio SD on the Rocket back in the day (It was my Randy Rhoads guitar)

...and dig this, when I played in high school with that guitar and I did a quick solo, I taped a strip of the sandpaper material that you strike matches on to the bottom of the guitar- for this effect I used those huge triangle picks and I would cut of the tips of some matches, glue them onto one corner of the pick and strike that sucker in the middle of the solo and finish it of with a pick that was on fire!

done fast, it is an awesome trick that makes you look like Ace Frehley-