All In Post Flop Protocol

Im in the small blind with Q3diamonds. Big blind can't meet big blind and is therefore all-in. 1 caller. I call as well. Flop gives me 4 diamonds and a pair of 3's. The caller has a similar stack. I bet 3x's the big blind and he folded. I rivered the flush, but was it a bad bet? Did I significantly improve my hand?

Looks like a good raise to me

I don't really understand what you are asking. Did you consider
slow-playing your bottom pair and flush draw?

Was this a tournament? If it was then I guess he might be asking if he should've checked it down since his bottom pair might not be enough to eliminate big blind.

Oh, duh. In a tournament.

I would have checked it down, in a tournament. No side pot to fight for,
and not much money in the main.