all kicks in MT?

How many kicks in MT? That is a really loaded question, b/c it depends on how you look at it.

Let's just say that there are two distinct "families" of kicks in MT. The two "families" are the Push/Thrust Kicks, and the Roundhouse Kicks.

Even though you usually only refer to each kick as either a roundhouse or a push kick, there are many, many variations of each kick. Some subtle, some not.

Now, how we refer to the different variations within each "family" changes from gym to gym. But I'll give you an idea:

ROUNDHOUSE KICKS: upwards, horizontal, downwards, skipping, sliding, bent-leg, fade away, jumping

PUSH KICKS: jab, heel, skipping, sliding, toes, whole foot, leaning to side, leaning to back, jamming (to kicking leg), brush down

As far as targets for the kick, I would say from my experience that the target is "usually" the lead leg, b/c its the closest and therefore easiest target. But you will have to be very wary of kicks that target the support leg. And, there are fighters that do fight to target the rear leg.

To protect your rear leg with the ACL issue, really work on defending with the lead leg to both sides. This is how I defend leg kicks, and I don't have an injury. When I defend, I distribute my weight about 30/70, with 30 percent to the front, 70 percent to the back. I then use my lead leg to defend against kicks to both sides, both low and medium-high.

Khun Kao Charuad; SuriyaSak Muay Thai

Tell your teacher about the ACL problem, and don't fight until it's better.

Look at it this way--you can fight for years, if you keep yourself healthy...or you can risk permanent knee damage that will possibly keep you out of any athletic activity for a very long time for the sake of one amateur fight.

What are all the kicks in MT we are gonna learn.. and which ones are used in the competition and which ones aren't or hardly ever... oh and question for khun or duke or anyone who knows about the competitions.. so anyway i'm going in the competition my teacher is making it 4 times a weak.. but what I haven't told my teacher is that I have an ACL i'm an orthodox and the acl is on my right leg the back leg.. do they use like alot of kicks to back leg like round house?or do they mostly kick the lead leg?.. hopefully that made sense.. hehe thanks in advance