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stick your info in here. i'd like to know who's training what and where. i'm a Sgt on I&I in indianapolis, i train BJJ under Marcello Montiero.

Cpl. 0331 A 1/3

Former Marine 95-99 Cpl ...not training

Former Marine Lcpl 92-96 0311 Bravo 1/6

Training: BJJ, purple belt under Fabio Novaes, Lakeland FL

Former CPL 6317 F/A-18 Avionics god

Iwakuni, Japan

Former, Cpl, 0311 (is there any other MOS that matters?) 3 years training at Grappler's Edge, 3 years at Southside Dojo in Michigan.

0351 Lcpl Shipbird, Blue Belt in BJJ, and Brown in Judo

(old) 1stLt at Lejeune. About to be an instructor at the Engineer School.

former sgt....i now train 12 ounces at a time....

Cpl. 0861 91-95.

Did I mention that Lawton sucks.

I was an 0311 from 1984-1988. I was stationed at Marine Baracks Japan and in 3/5.


0351, 8541 1990-1994. Corporal, now Fed. law enforcement. Train in Muay Thai and no-gi BJJ.

Former Marine here

Sgt. MOS 2531

Last Unit 2nd Anglico

I do train MT, BJJ,

thought I'd jump back in to say that Lawton does indeed, suck!

no shame, former 0847/0848

noshame ( sir )

you are at lejeune, and about to be an instructor at enginner school? do you train BJJ at all? let me know, because I also am down at courthouse bay, I am with H&S comm in 2nd recon. I recently found this awesome bjj school out in new bern that I will be goin to. And also met some guys out at courthouse bay that train. They are with NBC with AA bn. So let me know if u train, maybe we can get together or something, and do some BJJ.

Talk to your CommO. He's a good buddy of mine and will give you some info. I've had a grapping group on Lejeune for the past several years. It was shut down for the last month (damn MEF Ex), but I'll be starting back up soon. Not sure if I'll keep it going mainside or take it to Courthouse Bay.

Train hard.

when you say my commO, are you talking about 1stlt Belt? can i ask your name sir? I am really interested in getting up with people at lejeune that like to grapple, and hopefully do it a lot. Maybe I can get in contact with you through my work email. Keep me up to date on when your grappling group is gonna get going again.

Marine from 81-85

MOS: 0331/0431

2d MARDIV H&S 1/6
2d MARDIV G-4 Division Engineers and Ordinance

Present: Law Enforcement Supervisor/Firearms and Tactics Instuctor


Former Sgt. 6014 with VMU-1 in 29 Palms, CA. 95-2000.

No, different guy. Are you at Force? I think he's the comm platoon commmander there. Anyways, I'm Lt Roeder. I'll see if I can get things started again this Tuesday. I do it at chow time (I try to get there at 1100 and stay til just before 1300) at the Area 1 Gym (C Street). Just grab some PT gear and drop in if you can. I'll be there Tuesday and Thursday this week.

no shame