All my coworkers are going to hate me by Monday

So for most of the week the air in my office has been broken. One of the managers called corporate to get it fixed but it took a few days for it all to come together. 

Menawhile - I was getting annoyed as it was warmer than I would like. A couple of the fat women near me made jokes about me complaining about the heat. I have to wear a suit and they get away with a cooler mumu but whatever. 

So this morning the air was officially fixed and blowing that ice cold goodness. 

I then realized 2 things: first that the thermostat for that part of the building is in my office. Then, that I'm off tomorrow and working offsite this afternoon. 

So, I just set the temp to 62, locked my door, and left. See you fuckers on Monday. 


Trolling done properly

in for spin about your coworker catching pneumonia and almost dying

Should have just put them in headlocks.


Ice cold.

mada -

Should have put it on 82 since they acted like the heat didn't bother them.

Same. Crank that fucker up and make the office a sauna.


Hitman Herbert - You gun get headlocked.

He knows all the escapes, he saw it on youtube.

Hitman Herbert - You gun get headlocked.

"Working Offsite' just means he's gong to a weekend long BJJ How To Get out Of HeadLock Seminar. 

OP will be ready...this time.

Even the cleaning crew has a key to your office, besides a handful of other people.

What's with the headlock references? Am I missing something ?

Yossarian - 

What's with the headlock references? Am I missing something ?

In for Monday when you say you go in to an AC that is not working and it take 6 days to get the compressor