All of America is now constitutional carry

You’re not wrong.

It’s incredibly stupid shit like a CCW holder can leave/have their gun in their vehicle in restricted places like the parking lot of a school/government building.

In theory, I would break the law every day twice a day just by driving through a school zone without a CCW.

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now if we could only get cool guns like the rest of the country.

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NO, no it isnt. Did you read the decision and concurring opinions by Kav and Barrret?

They said there can still be regulations, like training requirements, etc. there just cant be bullshit like good cause.

my guess is they’ll institute some other bullshit, which will be struck down eventually, but they can play games forever with other unconstitutional requirements that will stand for years and years until it reaches scotus.

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That’s how Illinois operates. 2 day training course, FOID card, 90 day minimum wait for permit.

You’ll have to forgive him. He’s English. They won’t even defend their gums from gingivitis.


wasnt there something that you had to take training in your county and chicago didnt have anywhere or something? i remember some kinda lawsuit around people in the city not being able to get training to fulfill the requirement

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So, does Texas now get machine guns?

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interesting - the law firm that represented the client in this case before scotus announced that they will no longer represent people challenging second amendment interpretations, so the solicitor that just won the case, and another lawyer, left the firm immediately.

thats pretty big fallout after a victory before scotus.

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Thanks, Mr. Trump.


I’m sure my state will find a way from blocking me from doing this.

Wife and I both applied for pistol permits two weeks ago. Wonder how this impacts that process.

NY just takes forever to issue and their requirements for application make it difficult. You need 3 notarized personal references that live in your county that are not family, or any sort of law enforcement.

I had my application rejected because on of my references moved out of the county during the 10 months they took to review my application and had to start the process over again.

I told them to fuck off and moved to Florida, where I got my CCW in 3 weeks.


I heard that same language from the 2 NY senators in a spaces yesterday held by the NYTimes. It was so fucking delicious hearing them stammer and sputter their bullshit. He ranted about white supremacy and privledge, then a black lawyer chick came on and told him the existing laws were preventing black New Yorkers from obtaining the licence because the discretionary portion enabled racism. So they accused her of being in league with the NRA.

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I haven’t been paying attention to the Supreme Court shit because I got my years supply of liberal salty tears after the leaked Roe decision, but how did this work, did they use the gay marriage logic of “you shouldn’t have rights in one state and then not have that right the next state over”

Legislating from the bench is a slippery slope, and right now it’s a slope the left is losing on, but at least the conservatives revere the law and constitution.

Should the left ever have their chance to legislate from the bench, they would just bypass congress to pull laws out of their ass, or they would ignore precedent and prior rulings to just say the 2nd amendment was for the U.S. military to exist.

Just like Obama abused executive orders, then Trump abused executive orders right back, and now Biden is doing the same, it’s just an escalating shit show where whoever fights the dirtiest is going to stomp out the other.


There’s so much in your post that is flat out wrong that a proper response would take hours.

Here’s the decision, which I urge you to read yourself DocumentCloud

0% chance I read that.

The one paragraph post that paraphrases the outlines of a prior ruling and asks if that’s how the new ruling was implemented as well would take hours to respond to?