all of nirvana's songs redone.....

sup guys. a friend of mine recently redid all of the songs on the album nevermind from nirvana. they turned out great. i was hoping he wouldnt butcher them, and he didnt. check out the link dawgs!

and a TTT if you read this would be great

btw, every song is a different take and version of what you are used to hearing.....just copy and paste, and choose the title out of the list. also, if you want, check out some of the other links on that page

i bought my bro the Nirvana Boxed CD Set for christmas, fucker better like it



its at the soundground too guys. i just wanted to get a little more exposure to people who may just visit one subforum for new threads, then log out

bows before you all

please....PLEASE forgive this off subject thread :)