All Rashad's opponents are cans?

Notice that? I guess no-one wants to believe that Evans is that good. People seriously think that Wand could beat him? Lambert was a can, Salmon was a can, Lidell is now washed up? Chuck has only been stopped by 3 people before Evans. Horn, Couture, and Rampage. Evans is that good.

Tito was washed up because he drew with Rashad. But Machida didn't do that much better. Griffin, who Tito beat is now the LHW champ, yet Tito couldn't beat Evans without cheating. But people think Griffin is that much better than Evans?

If Evans fights Wand, he will outwrestle him easily, then Wand will be a "can" as are all of Rashad's opponents obviously. Evans is just that good. Give the man his props...

Shit, I give him alot of credit!


Lyoto would embaras RAshad

I think Rashad would KO Wanderlei as well.

^Sorry Jack, Wand keeps his hands UP!

 That excahnge was right out of Rocky. one guy goes high the other low. Evans just landed

Immaculata - ^Sorry Jack, Wand keeps his hands UP!

It didn't seem to help him against Chuck or Henderson

 I picked Rashad.

I expected a decision but I knew there'd be plenty of circling in this fight.  Everybody knows what Chuck is gonna do, it makes it easy to plan for.