All sherk hate aside (I like the guy) (pic)

He DOES look smaller to me in this pic

So small you can't even see him. Sherk does not stand a chance.

vader-fail.jpg picture by TheDropper 

I guess you can't post HTML on a thread starting post? Only edit it in? Anyway. There's the pic (now.)

can't wait to see sherk get his non-juiced-up ass handed to him

 I like Sherk too. That the photo was taken by a 6'2 man has a bit to do with the looks of him I imagine.

Cool shirt he's holding there.

The shirt he's holding is a medium

Seriously, wtf is the point of this. He has a shirt on. He is very short. Who cares if he looks small in a photo, almost anyone taking the photo is going to tower over him.

I think his neck looks about 30% smaller.

 The shirt he is holding is, in fact, a large.

His forearms look 6% larger, and amazingly, he's now 1/16th of an inch taller.