All-Star thread

im aware that players are voted in based on general popularity...but come on Guerin, Modano and Turco...they are playing horribly this season

no naslund, sakic, tanguay...very sad stuff

Dunno wtf happened at the end of the voting, i call shenanigans.For the longest time Naslund and Sakic were in position to be starters, then suddenly Modano and Guerin sneak up at the last minute?

its because they're americans...

sad sad selections...shit im a thornton fan, being from boston and he in no way deserves to be a starter for his play this year

worst team ever

If sheldon souray is not in the allstar game, then there is something wrong he is definently one of the top Dmen in the league this year

Micheal Ryder should be there to as the top rookie in the league

bergeron is the top rookie....being 18 he has to take that title

If by "Bergeron" you mean Jason King then you are correct.

Bergeron and King are good but Ryder is the man!

I think King has the best all around game right now.


lol those fagget assed dallas fans stuffed the ballet box just like last year

Turco has been better as of late, but he isn't a starter...abby will make the allstar game like sakic and forsberg and hejduk


tanguay deserves it more than hejduk does

because with out forsberg, hejduk is next to nothing now...and forsberg was out over 20 games

last years rocket trophy winner will be there

tanguay proved this year, in the absense of forsberg that he is a player...not peter...but still...who in this league is?

tanguay should be on the team

maybe he will be, but hejduk was healthy and deserved to be there last year and didn't get nominated

the avs have to many allstars for everyone who should be their to go

Forsberg Sakic and Abesicher defently, hejduk or tanguay possiblily, but not both