All-Star UFC?....Fans Vote

Just an outline thought so far.... 

Similar to the baseball way of picking the All-Star line-up. We the fans should be able to fill out a ballot for a UFC event that had the fighters that were voted the fight.                              Each weight class we could have 2 fights.  Then the winners of each weight class would square off in Weight Class Championship Final.

Any thoughts?


LOL. When I read all star UFC my first thought was like, Justin Timberlake getting his ass kicked by Usher or Tobey Maguire fighting Christian Bale in a Spiderman vs Batman showdown. I'm such a dork!

They need to do a Ultimate ultimate '05 - the Champs in each weight class and the #1 contenders in each weight class in a 8 man tourny.


bring it back old school,no weight classes or time limits-lets see who da badest man in the UFC really is.

...I actually think we are already getting the best possible fights within the org. right now...

HW - Arlovski x Sylvia; Mir x Broken Leg

LHW - Belfort x Ortiz; Couture x Liddell II

MW - Terrell x Tanner

WW - Hughes x Trigg II

lol, Mir vs. Broken Leg was an interesting match, I hear Mir is still recovering!

Borken leg kicked Mir's ass I hear he had to have surgery to fix what broken leg did to him!


Mir x "Broken Leg" is still going on. The bout has officially outlasted Royce x Saku.

"Car/Truck" is who actually kicked Mir's ass.

I meant a tourney that would have fights like: (Examples)

LW: (Yves vs. Hermes II) & (Josh Thomson vs Sudo)

WW: ( Hughes vs Sherk II) & (St Pierre vs Trigg)

MW: (Penn vs Terrell) & (Riggs & Lawler)

LHW: (Randy vs Vanderlei)* & (Chuck vs Hendo)* I know I know

HW: (Arlovski vs Rizzo) & (Mir & Ricco)?

What do you guys think?




we can wish all we want, but the chances of it happening are about as good as me nailing Keira Knightley tonight. Maybe a bit better, but not much.

I wouldnt mind seeing this sort of thing.

Genius....sent out your UFC 49 program today

Right....that would be the "All-Star" UFC Tourney.

Then the winner of each fight would face off in an "ALL-STAR FINAL"

So Ex. could be:

LW: Hermes vs Sudo = LW ALL-STAR CHAMPION. (Then lets say Hermes won that fight) Hermes could pick an opponent to fight (that he feels is the best contender) and fight him since he won the ALL-STAR TITLE.

Or he could fight 2 newcomers to give them a chance at making a name for themselves.