All Star Voting GAYNESS!!!!!

Ray Allen 74,000 votes, Chris Webber 125,000 votes.

I'm off on both of those guys votes but they are sorta close, and Webber hasn't even fucking played yet this season!! I don't remember if Allen has played or not but ESPN made it seem like if he had it was a VERY few amount of games. lol, this shit needs to be corrected. Peja is all star material so far imo. Same with what's his name from Seattle who scored 50 pts in the beginning of the season.

And this suprises you??? Look at Carter last year. The fucker played like 2 games before the All Star game. Weakkkkkkkkk On the plus side they still have Walker, among others, on the ballet for the Celtics. Let the anarchy begin.

Imo Carter's votes last year were more expected than these two's this year. Carter is insanely good when he's on.

Allen and Webber are great players, but will never have the all around threat or flash of a Carter imo. But I see what you're saying, I didn't remember that last year stuff.