All that Time That Kimbo Had To Prepare and.......

 no basic understanding of shrimping out the hips?

I'm talking about, ever since he started mma 2 years ago.

Bas was right about Kimbo

 yeah, thats true.   it was a very big belly.

that belly makes me look skinny.

 Shrimp? Man this is the Octagon not a Red Lobster!


Hahahaha! like having the Moon on you... how are you going to move the moon?

i agree with thread starter

It's not just understanding, Kimbo's not very athletic and Nelson is a hugh guy with a great base, it's just not that easy.

It was wierd that Kimbo couldn't bridge or explode from the bottom considering his physical strength and the fact it's the natural reaction for someone in that position.

I think the biggest shock of the episode was hearing Kimbo talk about oxymorons

He's actually been training about 4 years if the rumours are to be believed. Some people just dont get grappling.

Shrimpin' ain't easy.

Roy Nelson is a beast if he gets on top most guys can not get up, See Arlovski. But I agree Kimbo layed there flat with his legs flat against the mat and made no effort to hip up or do anything. I could not believe no one in Rampages corner was yelling at him to explode up or get his legs off the mat. Is Tiki really the jiu jitsu coach for them this season?

CagePotato - Shrimpin' ain't easy.

x2 :)

Well played, Sir.

golf claps

- Savage

CagePotato - Shrimpin' ain't easy.


They mentioned repeatedly how teachable Kimbo was, and I'm thinking, "Bas must be slipping on some knee-high boots and slap-punching himself unconscious right now"

CagePotato - Shrimpin' ain't easy.

Great line!

After 4 years he doesn't know how to spell jiujitsu but he wants to learn some of that stuff. lol

I'd love to blame Kimbo, but how long has Kevin Randleman been fighting? He does the same thing.

I'll never understand why your natural instinct wouldn't be to bend your knees and try to bump your hips instead of just laying there. It might not work, but it keeps the top guy from just laying there or tee'ing off.

OriginalDoucheNozzle - Dude, I'm was much bigger than Roy (I am still bigger) and 135 lb guys have gotten out from under me. Now, I know that Roy's top game is far superior to mine - but these guys are little guys with very little athleticism. When you consider Kimbo's incredible strength and explosiveness, he should have been able to put up a better fight on the ground.

I have a way easier time getting out from underneith big guys. There's just more room to work. When I roll with guys my size it's a lot tougher to get out from under them. Easy to sweep and sub, but tougher to move around.