All the friggin cups and tournies.

Can someone explain to me all the frigging cups and tournies to be won.

UEFA cup is the most prestigious, correct? All the top european teams.

Now what are these ones.....

FA Cup? League Cup? Carling Cup? ??VAns Cup?

Am I missing any? I'm new the sport but jumping right into it.

Thank ya.

UEFA Champions League is the biggest one, teams from all over Europe enter it.

UEFA Cup is like the NIT tourney of soccer. If you don't watch college basketball that won't make any sense to you.

FA Cup is english. Teams from different levels of english football can enter it.

The Carling Cup is like the FA cup but is kind of second-tier. I don't know what the vans cup is..

LDV Vans Cup (or whatever it's called this season) is for teams from the 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers of English football. (The 5th tier is the top non-league tier - the Conference.)

Thanks fellas.........

Do the spanish and italian leagues have something similar to those as well.