All Time Favorite Real Arcade Game?

The Simpsons

Alien vs Predator 

Ivan Stewart’s Off Road

Mortal Kombat 2

Hydro Thunder

NBA Jam 

NFL Blitz

TMNT the arcade game 

Revolution X 

Dig Dug 

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Probably sf2, and I sucked.

Canooke -

OP, do you have, specifically, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting on your rig? That is the last of the 3 SF2 games. It's extremely similar to the ones before it but with quite a few "tweaks" that make it the best version.

No do not- thanks will have my IT buddy add that to the list

joesonshuevos -

Dragon's Lair. So different.

Have this one - such a >

SF2, MK2, Killer Instinct, WWF, NBA Jam, Sunset Riders... all I can think of. 

7-11 right down the street.

Area 51

Revolution X - Saved the World, always let the band die

Original Mortal Kombat - Seeing original game play instantly triggers the smell of Sbarro pizza for me because of the location of the arcade I used to play it at.  Fatalities blew my mind. 

Xmen children of the atom

Run and gun 2

Time crisis

gyrus, joust, sf2, track n field

scrapdo - 

MK2 is my favorite of all time, but Mappy was also great.

# 1 may be the Star Wars game where you sat in the cabin and the grahics were just green lines.

Was the tits for it's time.

OMG this had been my favourite for a LONG time.

I was pretty chuffed to find that there was an Arcade Bar in Toronto that had this game (along with a bunch of others - Frogger, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Pacman - they even had that Simpsons Game that was up to 4 players). 

They had pretty great beer too. 

I'd love to find a good emulator of this game.

Meals Hitman -

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

This is probably mine as well....

I used to shred kids on this... Crush the wife too when we'd get drunk and hang out in the city.....

Used to play altered beast on an arcade game when I went camping... Only place I ever saw it like that... That shit was fun...

Bunch of idiots, not one person even said sunset riders

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Asteroid and Street Fighter 2

JoeVIP  - 



Shinobi, the one where he threw mad combos

Sunset riders, double shotgunning mexican

Double Dragon, knees

Ikari Warriors, Afterburner the sit down one. 

Operation Wolf

Afterburner (sit down version)