All UFC on FOX 1 drug tests come back clean

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                                All UFC on FOX 1 drug tests come back clean

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Ten fighters were tested for steroids following the event, including dos Santos, Velasquez, Ben Henderson, Clay Guida, Ricardo Lamas, Clay Harvison, Mackens Semerzier, Cub Swanson, DaMarques Johnson and Robert Peralta.

Meanwhile, dos Santos, Velasquez, Henderson, Guida, Lamas, Harvison, Semerzier, Swanson, Johnson, Peralta, Aaron Rosa, Matt Lucas, Pablo Garza and Dustin Poirier were all tested for drugs of abuse, such as cocaine.

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lol I think the fact that commissions can test for drugs like coke is bullshit.

does boxing test for stuff like coke?

I wonder if that main page pic makes the Machidas salivate.