All upkick finishes in UFC history - both of them

The UFC has been releasing highlights of all different technique finishes in the league's history. This one's short.

And the daddy, Renzo Gracie vs. Oleg Taktarov at Martial Arts Reality Superfighting on November 22, 1996 in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Technically its not an official bout but Tony Ferguson landed a nasty one that KOd Justin Edwards on TUF. I sometimes forget he was a TUF winner. He had an insane run on that show, too. Can’t find the video anywhere but he had 3 KOs that season.

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Bendo's upkick against Frankie wasn't a finish, but it single-handedly won him a title fight.

Not UFC, but if we're talking upkick finishes Mousasi destroyed Jacare with a beautiful one in Dream.

Renzo vs. Oleg is the daddy of all upkick finishes, that was one of the choppy GIFs from back in the day that made you go hoooooooly shiit. As for Fitch vs. Alves I have no memory of that fight. As the video played I figured Alves would throw a heel of death any time but instead it was Fitch who finished it.

Big Nog would throw some nasty kicks from his back at times although I don't know if he ever finished a fight like that. It is interesting to see how some fighters are approached with great caution while they are on their backs while some others just get punched in the thighs and stuff. Renzo is old-school vale tudo and knows how to hurt you at any time, from any position so you know not to just chill there with your head hanging out, waiting for your own opportunities...


wiggum - Bendo's upkick against Frankie wasn't a finish, but it single-handedly won him a title fight.

As soon as upkick is mentioned that’s what I think of, was truly sickening, don’t know how the fuck Frankie survived it 

Here's Ben Askren taking a nasty upkick almost giving him his first loss.

Murillo Bustamante vs Jerry Bohlander was another old school Brazilian event with a sweet one.

Tony Ferguson had one during his season of TUF I believe.

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I think Tom King Watson vs Pierre Guillet needs a mention here!


First mma event I ever went to live & loved this one! Especially being from Kongs home town :-D

The Fitch v Alves looked like it was held in a bar

Mandible_Claw -

Fuckin nice