All Valley Grappling Thread Part 2

Before the WEC forum was, ahem, disconnected, a group of us from various schools in the central california valley were planning a grappling tournament circuit for 2007. No forum = not much discussion since then...

I'm bringing the subject up again with the hope that we might pick up the conversation where it left off. Who knows, maybe with the wider reach of this BJJ forum we might pick up a few extra teams...

The cliff notes version of where we are so far (based on my shoddy memory):
- 3 "in-house" tournys at 3 different schools.
- Each school submits a lineup prior to the event of their starting White belt team, blue belt team, and advanced "no gi" team.
- Weight classes are 145, 165, 185, 205, 225, and unlimited.
- 6 minute rounds for white belts, 8 minute rounds for blue belt and advanced no gi.
- NO POINTS for first half of match. Points will begain after the halfway mark based on CBJJ rules after that except...
- No advantage points. In case of tie competitors will be stood up for a sudden death overtime.
- We were hoping to start and finish the curcuit before PAN AMS. However with our already late start (and I believe Pan Ams are a little bit earlier this year), this is probably not going to happen.

If anyone bumbs into Seo from PMA or PromoterCP from VFC, tell them to chime in to this thread...

Winning team recieves a large "Stanley Cup" style cup. It will be engraved and then become a "legacy" cup to be awarded in subsequent years. We still have yet to work out a point system to track overall standings throughout, and exact dates and locations.

that's an awesome concept. Dont let the thought die.

Id come down.

So far its New Era Martial Arts, Pacific Martial Arts, and Valley Fight Club. A couple of teams such as STACT house and Bullets NHB have also expressed an interest.

As far as I'm concerned anyone... Bakersfield, Sac, or even further is welcome (disclaimer-we have been working as a committee so I'm not sure I have final say, thats why I'm bringing up the discussion again)...