Alleged pedo gets beat

Stop it! I can only get so hard!

If he really did . . Why not just brutally put him out instead of kicking him around and having a chat ? Fucking dweebs.

It’s heartwarming to see Blacks and Whites come together for a good cause.


Personally I’d rather kick the fuck out of their stomach, back, legs, arms while talking massive amounts of shit to them. I want them to know just how enraged I am and I want them to remember their beating clearly for the rest of their life provided I dont take it.

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That’s fair enough, and I know we are talking savage circumstances here but I’d prefer to smash him out, than smash him up right

see …

Spread his arms out while he’s sleeping from a PRIDE soccer kick, and than stomp his sleeping hands to fucking bits the child tooling mutt!!

Wake up and you’re FUCKED.

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I know several on this website that would side with the pedo.


That’s minor attracted persons ya fucking terf.


it is minor attracted person now bigot


He was juss playin

Putrid cunt

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“That’s pedophobic.”


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Should have beat him into a coma and then when he wakes up, put a bullet in his head.

All pedos should get the same treatment.


Did they even sniff his finger to be sure first?


That wigger momma though.

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If true, guy should be nothing more than a slight dirt bump in the back yard.

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The dialogue was fucking hilarious on all sides.

“No I didn’t put my finger in his asshole, Rebecca!”

“Why did you play with his asshole?!?”

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This is a confusing video for liberals. We have a minor attracted person, white people beating a black man, white people using the n word, no police only social justice.

Who do they side with?