Anyone know how to get rid of dog allergies? I was never allergic as a kid (we had dogs)and went away to college and now whenever around dogs sneeze, itchy eye. I really want one bad.

what type are you looking for?? there are hypoallergenci breeds, such as shih tzus, poodles, bichons.. even a labradoodle or goldendoodle (they're kinda cute but require intense grooming).. if you wanted a mutt or another type of dog, there are allergen reducing shampoos that you can buy to do at home yourself or you can take your dog to a groomer..

American Hairless Terrier

ive been under the impression that most people are allergic to the dander a dog shed rather than the hair. hairless animals still have dander

another interesting thing about allergies to animals is that one thing they've found in cats is there is something in their anal glands that people are allergic too and it also pertains to dogs.


Get a referral from your GP to an allergist, and the allergist will be able to give you immunotherapy for your allergies.

I used to be allergic to a bunch of things, including cats and horses, and now after immunotherapy I have 2 cats and can pat/ride horses.