alliance at naga atlanta

i predict that every round that alliance enters will win unanimously. any of those who beg to differ, come out and watch the total domination.

comments? questions? take it to the mats, because the only answers u will get are the obvious answers that the tooling will begin within the first ten seconds of the matches.

ribbit, ribbitt, holla at tcho toad.

crazy horse

I'll bet you are wrong and they don't win every division they enter. (unless only two guys are going)


f-ing drunk posting

I'll take that bet for $100, post your e-mail, and we can set it up

Let it also be noted for all instructors, students, and competitors, which school began the trash talking

well dude did admit it was a drunk post, Id say he deserves some slack....

I conquer

fatbuddha... it was a damn drunk post and it was meant to be a joke as well... its not trash talk. Its called confidence though, u should try some of that.
:) no hard feelings.


I'm missing the joke, besides laughing at you make an ass out of yourself. I'm glad you are so confident that your training protocol includes getting drunk 3 days before a tournament. Good luck. :)
(No hard feelings)

honestly fat buddha, if ur screenname fits ur real life persona, then maybe u should cut back on the twinkies b4 the tournament if that is the case u are trying to make.

i am not trying to fight with u, but just curious, will u be competing? if so, where will u be fighting out of?


The funny thing is that fatBuddha is like 2% bodyfat.


I think what FatBuddha was upset about is the fact the Eddie and Jacare are very good friends. They get along and both of them discourage their guys from getting on the internet and talking bad about one anothers schools. I know what you did wasn't talking bad about Eddie's school, or any other school. But to make a comment like the one you did is a little in your face, and it does belittle other schools that will be competing.

As for the last NAGA, I can give you the exact statistics of how Tiger guys did against Alliance guys, but that would be counter productive to what both Eddie and Jacare are trying to accomplish so I will hold my words.


And no I will not be at NAGA.

if i were to be saying this about a basketball game, i don't think people would take it so much to heart... the truth of the matter is, I can tell u one thing though, lets just let the results guide the rest of this conversation. if i am wrong, so be it, if i am right so be it as well.

I wrestled a tiger guy. Dude was no joke. I've got a lot of respect for that school.


well i guess judoka was at least partially correct. alliance did kick ass winning the whole thing in spite of the local schools bringing lots of people. i wish i could have been there to help.

where can I find the results?

BJJ drama, gotta love it! Alliance has a really good team, I met Jacare at the Arnolds, the man oozed class and intelligence. I remember someone telling me that the Atlanta seen has lots of drama.

well i won my divisions... how about u fatbuddha?

wow you must be a bad ass. I didn't compete.

well then my friend i would have one word for u and ur rantings, "HYPOCRITE".

i've got another one, "pundao". i probably fucked that up, but judoka knows what i mean.