Alliance BJJ Team Gacho

I finally found a new home here in Houston. Alliance BJJ Team Gacho, lead bu Raul Jimenez and his beautiful wife Gabby.

I know there are several regular posters here that don't actually train or have suffered injuries that have taken you away for a bit. I encourage you all to stop by. It is a very friendly environment located on the north side of Houston (Spring). These folks can help you learn a few things from scratch or get you on the road to your old self. On the flip side, if you are not from the Houston area and ever need a place to drop in when you pass through... Team Gacho is a warm friendly family environment that can adapt to any level of need.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team Gacho
4660 Louetta Rd, #150

Mr. Raul is just returning from Ecuador where he had a great 2nd round win over tough opponent.

The family unit are all active competitors and winners. (L-R Roberto, Raul, Gabby and Matias up front)

They have some amazing seminars visitors. I will post them as the information becomes available. Here is the latest.

Please let me know if you can come by. It will be a blast, I promise!!

That kids belt is awesome

good luck with that...there cant be many more associations for Gacho left to join :)