Alliance WSG

Alliance is a shame. I got 17 flag returns and 1 flag cap, lasted for 1 hour 10 minutes, and we still lost! Sometimes I think I am the only ally that knows that you're actually supposed to go after the flag. The whole time I had to go through like 7 horde to get the flag back with no support. The worst is when you got 5 hunters in the game and NONE of them put a frost trap on the flag.

If Alliance tried something other than turtling in WSG then I would be fucking amazed.

Crazyfoo: For once, I agree with the state of the alliance in WoW.

They know what to do in AV, but can't seem to wipe their own asses in WSG.

Don't get me wrong though, we do win too, but it depends on our group and if they listen. If I'm battleleader and the team listens to me when I say put 2 hunters and mage on D, warlock fears everyone out at their flag, druid is fc, etc. there's no way we lose.

but then you get those dumbasses where if you tell them what to do they go "we're not stupid, we KNOW what to," then runs out to the middle and dies. and all the other sheep allies don't listen to you cuz you got some bad seed questioning you in the beginning. the biggest problem with allies is that the team is filled with rambo twats who absolutely will not do what they are told, and think they're know-it-alls. must be filled with high school teenagers.

no you're wrong man. that's the best way, a weaker alliance zerg group will always lose to a stronger horde zerg. D is the best strategy. if you only play with a stronger team all the time then obviously you don't need much strategy if the other team doesn't.

is there a way to record video, I want to show how effective it is, and how alliance can win even with a weaker team. I've only been playing WoW for a few months, but I've collected 11,000 kills so far so you can say I've spent some time in pvp myself.

no offense but 11k isnt a whole lot, ive got that many on my alt

anyway how many people you going to put on defence to keep a zerg from just grabbing the flag and running out? its actually kind of funny when they d up in the flag room, free action pot + rocket boots gets you outside while the alliance is still wondering wtf is going on. then you run back unopposed

and yes you can record video while you play using something like fraps

one or two rogues are getting crowd controlled and ignored

I didn't bother to read any of your following comments because I am correct.